I hate the fact that your not here ...

But now I'm counting down the days till I get there.

15 June
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This livejournal is friends only because I want it to be and because I'm sick of nosey people trying to poke there noses in my business.
So, read all of this userinfo page, comment on my banner in my journal and I'll see if you're worthy enough to read my rants.
I'm not that boring, honest. Pee. Ess you have to be a regular commenter.

My name is George and I am but 15 years of age.
But, I am a teenager.
So I know everything.
I'm slightly obsessed with obsession and these can range from putting full stops where ever possible to ohemgerald
Because I'm cool like that. And I love Fweeny
I make my own banners and I'm a promote whore.
But I'm not very good at layouts.
So I steals them off rocksonglayouts
Because it's a cool community.

I really like collecting good quotes, they make me smile on bad days.
hey__shutup_x "foreign people are easier to understand than my friends typing"

hey__shutup_x is possibly le coolest guy I know.
He's amazing and I always cheer up near him. Because he is le cool.
And we have cool hand actions that confuse those simple minded kids that don't understand us.

I enjoy spelling words differently to how they should be. This doesn't include CHT SPK
I hate that.
It's just... ACK.
I like words like; Evarrr, SRSLY, yew, Schenechtar, Luffles, Confusseled.

I love MSN.
But hate the kids who add me and don't speak to me.
So I like talking to Adam, Fween, Rob, Mick, Joe ... and thats about it.

My favourite bands are;
My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the disco, Fall Out Boy, Artic Monkeys, H.I.M, Alkaline Trio, Placebo, Muse and many many moreeee

Ryan is cool.
I love him.
Almost as I love my bass guitar and boyfriend.
No I'm not going out with my bass guitar.
Although I'm sure it would say yes if it had a mouth, because it's so uber shexy.
I love my boyfriend.
Even though he lacks romance.
But I can get over that.

My Wifeys
She's my number #1

My Husband
He's way cooler than you'll ever be.

I love my community.
Because it OWNS all of your communities.
So go join it.

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